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Broken Wings and Mended Hearts - Nesta x Cas Pt.2
Rhysand smirked at me and shook his head, “Delightful as always, I see.”
I shrugged. “I’m nothing if not consistent.”
“Indeed.” He raised his eyebrows and turned to Mor, “So my third in command is not good enough for you?”
“Well, you asked for me, and here I am.” He held his arms out and then clasped them behind his back. “What can I do for you, Nesta?”
I stepped forward and copied his posture. My eyes fell on some of the paintings scattered around the cabin. “You can start by telling me where my sister is.”
“She’s about ten feet to your right,” he smirked again. I wanted to thump him.
“Hilarious,” I groaned, as Elain hovered in the corner of my vision, sipping cocoa at the kitchen table. “You know which sister I mean.”
His infuriating expression morphed into blankness. “I’m…afraid I can’t tell you that.
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Broken Hearts and Mended Wings - Nesta x Cas Pt.1
After the traumatic events in Hybern, Nesta Archeron finds herself stranded in the mountain cabin with Elain. Now High Fae, and desperate to get some answers, she demands the attention of the Inner Circle. This story is told from her point of view.
That cabin. That damned, insufferable, perfect little cabin.
Mor had brought myself and Elain here in the aftermath of our making, told us that we’d be safe and that, if we needed anything, the cabin would take care of the rest. That was it. She’d offered us the briefest of smiles and turned on her heels, rushing out of the door and yelling back that she’d see us again in a day or two.
And now, six days had passed, or, at least I think it was six days. I’d tried to keep track of the number of sunsets since we’d arrived, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if this place had tricked us. Seemed just like the kind of thing those Fae might do. A joke, at our expense. Or, my
:iconthe-other-sam:the-other-sam 7 4
Hazy Shade of Winter - Bucky X-reader Pt. 18 Final
From Chapter 17:
Steve gave him a pat on the back and smiled. A noise outside - a yell, followed by a rumbling of unrest from the crowd - drew both of thier attention out of the jet and back down the ramp. Steve's eyes widened, and before he knew it, he was yelling, “Bucky, no!”

Bucky had charged towards Tony, his fists up and his face twisted with rage. Tony had been caught off guard, and didn’t have enough time to move before mayhem ensued.
Steve set off sprinting across to them, as the crowds looked on, aghast. Sam opened his wings and flew towards the scuffle, and tried to get between them, but the punches flew too quickly, alongside cries of anger and pain. Tony tried to use his thrusters to fly away, to gain an advantage, but Bucky’s new arm was too strong, easily yanking him down whenever he got a few feet into the air. Metal fist pounded against metal fist, the sound reverbera
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Hazy Shade of Winter - Bucky X-reader Pt. 17
From Chapter 16:
“You’ve managed to expose the entire operation to the world, and ruined my best asset,” Ross smiled, raising his arms to the crowds and the jumbo screen following his every movement. “How does it feel to have foiled my plan?”

“It’s not over until she’s safely away from you.”

“You got that right,” he seethed, and raised a 9mm pistol, and shot you in the head.
Falling. That’s what it felt like…or perhaps floating. Either way, it didn’t hurt, which surprised you. The ear-shattering sound of blast of the gun just before the bullet hit was still reverberating around your head, making the whole world shake. Y
:iconthe-other-sam:the-other-sam 19 7
Hazy Shade of Winter - Bucky X-reader Pt. 16
“Err, Cap,” Sam called from his seat on the jet. “You’re gonna wanna see this.”
Scott leaned over and stared at the screen, his eyes growing wide. “Uh oh.”
 “I’m in the heart of Times Square, Alex, where a ferocious fight has broken out between what appear to be private security forces and a man…who…”
“Rebecca, are you okay?”
“Erm…sorry, Alex, but I think this man m…might be the Winter Soldier...?”
Steve walked over from the back of the jet – larger than the one T’Challa had been piloting. “What’s going on?” Wanda followed and came to a stop beside him.
Sam pointed at the screen, “Barnes is on the news.”
“Can you repeat that please; did you say the Winter Soldier is in Times Square?”
“Y…yes, I did. James Buchanan Barnes, best friend
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Hazy Shade of Winter - Bucky X-reader Pt. 15
From Chapter 14:
Ross chuckled and winced once again as his nose throbbed. He threw Bucky one last look of hatred before turning on his heel and heading straight for the elevator. As the door began to close, he spoke, “Finish him.”

Ignoring the looming shadows around him, Bucky let out a thunderous scream and set off in a sprint towards the elevator, but was halted in his tracks by one of the Special Ops soldiers, who spun and aimed a kick at his chest. Bucky grabbed it and twisted, sending the soldier careening into a glass table.
Another lunged at him, brandishing a knife. Bucky had time to smirk as he lifted his metal arm to block the attack, then sent an uppercut to the man’s chin. He screeched as he bit down on his own tongue and stumbled backwards, allowing Bucky to walk calmly towards him, his head low and his eyes squarely on his target. The soldier regained his footing and flicked the knife back round, ready to attack. As he lashed out with
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Hazy Shade of Winter - Bucky X-reader Pt. 14
Your eyes sprang open but your body remained still, as you looked up at Jackson, clutching the leather-bound notebook against his smart black suit.
He smiled sweetly at you, “Welcome home, soldier.”
“Thank you, sir. What would you like me to do for you?”
He pulled a piece of paper from inside the notebook and handed it to you. “Two targets. Extremely high value. Clean shot at distance, no other casualties. Copy?”
You ran your thumb down the paper, absorbing the finer details. Travel itineraries, media timings, photographs of the targets. When and exactly how you carried out the mission was up to you. A smirk spread across your face. You knew what to do. “Copy.”
“Good girl.”
“So the two targets were the British prime minister and….erm, the Russian president?” Bucky gulped, knowing f
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Hazy Shade of Winter - Bucky X-reader Pt. 13
Authors note: This chapter contains a very brief suicide mention.

“Nat, hi, we…may have a problem. [Name] was fitted with a tracker-”
“Damn it. Where?”
“On her thigh, under the skin.”
“Oh shit.”
“That’s what I said. It was pretty deep and she…well, she -”
“Bucky, what happened?”
“She, erm, dug it out. Blood was e…everywhere.”
“Whoa. Is she okay now?”
“She will be, I hope. Right now, I need to throw off our signal. Is there anything you can do?”
“Sure, I’ll give it a go. Do you have the tracker number?”
“Yep. Let me get it… Okay it’s AIM7983621.”
“All right. Give me one…second.”
The tip-tapping of Nat’s fingers hitting keyboard keys echoed down the line.
“Found you. Oh, hey, there’s a
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Hazy Shade of Winter - Bucky X-reader Pt. 12
Warning: This chapter contains a small mention of blood/injury.
There were many perks to associating with the king of Wakanda. The first, of course, was the supersonic travel; flying through the air completely invisible, and landing at your destination only an hour or two after take-off? Who wouldn’t love that?
The second perk – diplomatic immunity – wasn’t something that sat all that well with Natasha, surprisingly, but had proven its worth in the last few hours. Despite her grey background, and the mess of the Sokovia Accords, Nat was uneasy about the idea of hiding behind technicalities. It was this level of feeling that had driven her to stand with Tony Stark and against Steve, at first. But look how that turned out. Oh well, diplomatic immunity had saved her and T'Challa from having to sit in an interrogation room, waiting for Secretary Ross to come in and shine that horrible light in their eyes.
The third perk, and one that was so
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Real Classy Harley Quinn by the-other-sam Real Classy Harley Quinn :iconthe-other-sam:the-other-sam 15 5
Hazy Shade of Winter - Bucky X-reader Pt. 11
From Chapter 10:
You looked at him with a blank expression. You didn’t know what to feel. You weren’t sure you knew how to feel. “Am I a prisoner?”

Ross laughed, “I should think so. After all, you did murder the British Prime Minister and the Russian President yesterday.”
Your eyes widened for a millisecond before returning to their normal expressionless state. Ross didn’t have time to notice, even with his focus aimed right at your face, and not for want of trying. He had hoped for a reaction.
Natasha and T’Challa stared at the TV in the conference room, their mouths wide open at hearing the Secretary of State speak of your crimes in such a matter-of-fact way.
Nat blinked a few times and took a step back. “How does he know that was her?”
Back in the room, you shifted forwards, your hands curling under the edge of the trolley, whilst your legs dangled limply. “Where did you get
:iconthe-other-sam:the-other-sam 22 19
Hazy Shade of Winter - Bucky X-reader Pt. 10
From Chapter 9...
Bucky brushed a strand of hair off your sleeping face and sighed. “I don’t know…my plans never got this far in my head.” He lifted his eyes to T’Challa and rolled his lips. “Any room for one more at the palace?”

“Make that two,” Natasha said, placing her palm against her head and checking it for blood.
T’Challa nodded and smiled, “Of course, Ms Romanoff. My people will keep you safe for as long as you need.”
She gave a gentle bob of her head in appreciation.
“As for this poor woman…” the king sighed, looking down at you, lost to drug-induced sleep in Bucky’s arms, “We will do all we can to help her mend, and deal with the guilt, just as we will for you, Sergeant Barnes.”
Bucky gave a weak smile. “Let’s get out of here.” He lifted you into T’Challa’s safe hands and rose to his feet, his head still spinning from your
:iconthe-other-sam:the-other-sam 21 20
Hazy Shade of Winter - Bucky X-reader Pt. 9
From Chapter 8...
He approached the cryo-area at full speed, just as Monica stepped out of the way. Jackson kicked a device under your seat which released the restraints. Bucky loomed upon you with his metal hand curled into a fist ready to knock him out, but he was halted in his tracks.

Gasps were audible as the dust settled and you stood toe-to-toe with the Winter Soldier, your hand wrapped around his fist, holding him in a vice-like grip.

His eyes were wide as you stared at him, a smirk on your face and your pupils dilated. He gulped. “Uh oh.”
Bucky pushed with all his strength, the smooth metallic sounds of his new arm echoing around the deathly silent warehouse. Everyone was motionless, struggling to comprehend the sight before them. Natasha’s hand was clamped over her mouth, and even T’Challa stood completely stunned.
Monica Rappaccini squinted at the scene in front of her, her face slowly
:iconthe-other-sam:the-other-sam 22 24
Hazy Shade of Winter - Bucky X-reader Pt. 8
 “We’re waking her?!” Monica shouted, slamming a fist down hard on the edge of Jackson’s sleek glass desk.
He nodded calmly and leaned back in his oversized chair, pressing the tips of his fingers together. “Yes.”
“That’s it? That’s all you can say?!” She planted her hands on her hips and growled, “You’re so damn infuriating professor! What the hell Killian ever saw in you, I’ll never know!”
He scoffed under his breath and turned the chair around to look out of the window behind the desk.
A tiny thud of something hitting the glass failed to register with either of them. “You always seem to forget that I was the one who brought her in, Monica. I was the one who created her-”
“With my drugs! With my technology!” She stomped around the edge of the desk and grabbed the arms of h
:iconthe-other-sam:the-other-sam 26 24
Hazy Shade of Winter - Bucky X-reader Pt. 7
“So where exactly are we going?” Bucky asked, lacing his fingers together behind his head.
Natasha zipped up her jacket and thought for a moment. “A.I.M. have a number of bases; the Bronx, Colorado, Boca Caliente-“
“Boca what?”
“Caliente.” She rolled her eyes and leaned against a table behind her, “Killian bought a private island in the Caribbean after he made his first billion. Some of the guys at SHIELD used to call it A.I.M. Island.”
Bucky smirked.
“Yes, it’s as ridiculous as it sounds.”
“So Ms Romanoff, keeping all those options in mind, where do you think we need to be heading?” T’Challa asked.
“Honestly? New Jersey.”
Bucky frowned, “Why there?”
“It’s the most ordinary-looking. A warehouse…” She turned around and began typing at lightning speed. “Last I heard, they were using it to store weap
:iconthe-other-sam:the-other-sam 23 15
Hazy Shade of Winter - Bucky X-reader Pt. 6
Knock. Knock. Knock.
“Come in,” Professor Jackson called out, refusing to lift his head from the stack of papers he was grading.
“Wow…In all the years since I was here, and all the places I’ve been…nothing has ever changed about this room, not even the colour of that suit,” a man said, pointing towards the professor as he walked down the auditorium steps.
Jackson removed his reading glasses and looked up, his face lighting up immediately, “Aldrich Killian! Do my eyes deceive me?” He pushed his chair back and held his arms out, pulling his visitor into a firm hug as he stepped over to the desk. When they parted, both were laughing. “The suit hasn’t changed, but it looks like my favourite student has.”
Killian waved him off and stepped over to the blackboard, shoving his hands into his trouser pockets.
“So what brings you here, my friend? Need help with
:iconthe-other-sam:the-other-sam 26 19

Random Favourites

Small Town Mystery [Steve Rogers x Reader] Part 13
Bucky moved along the side of the house, his back pressed against the wood. When he reached a window, he peered inside. The candles on the table cast a spooky glow. All the dishes, sans the plates and silverware, were still where they’d been, when he and Steve left. Since he saw no one, he continued along the house. “The dining table is still pretty much set. I don’t see anyone there or in the living room,” he whispered, pushing the button on the earpiece.
“The front door is unlocked,” Steve returned. He had only just tried the knob, trying to stay out of view of the front windows, which was difficult under the light on the porch.
Bucky glanced down. “Tracks…tire tracks leading out to the barn. They’re fresh. I can see the shadow of them in the moonlight.” His throat felt constricted, a mixture of fear and utter rage surging through him.
“HYDRA?” Steve questioned.
“I don’t know, and at this point, I don
:iconsscejm4a:sscejm4A 48 50
Small Town Mystery [Steve Rogers x Reader] Part 12
“All right, you two,” Rachel teased, stepping over to you. “Mind if I borrow her?” she asked, a smirk forming on her lips. “Actually, I could use all of your help getting the food into the kitchen…[Name] and I will warm everything up, and you guys can keep talking.”
Steve, who still hadn't taken his eyes off of you, smiled. “Uh, sure.” He kissed you again and Bucky rolled his eyes.
“Okay, we get it. You love her.” He chuckled and reached out, lifting the roast from the table. "Now, get over here and get some of this food."
Once everything was back in the kitchen, Steve and Bucky left you to it, heading back into the living room.
You sighed, watching them disappear around the corner. “He’s dreamy.”
Rachel laughed. “You've got it bad, [Name].”
You bit your lip and nodded. “Yep. I do. He’s an amazing person, and he’s so good with Nathan. Most men look at Nathan like he’s
:iconsscejm4a:sscejm4A 48 68
Small Town Mystery [Steve Rogers x Reader] Part 11
Rachel gave a weak smile and stepped back. “Come on in.” A frown pulled at her, when you didn't make eye contact.
You and Steve walked into the house, and you wrapped an arm around his, while still holding his hand.
“Bucky, they’re here,” she called out.
Steve stopped in his tracks, his hand squeezing yours. You watched his face, as Bucky came around the corner and stood in the doorway of the living room.
The entryway was so quiet, you could hear every creak and groan of the old house. Rachel moved to stand next to Bucky.
“I…I can’t believe it,” Steve spoke first.
Bucky exhaled, a soft laugh escaping his lips. “Steve.”
Your eyes filled with tears as you nudged Steve forward. He glanced at you and you nodded, smiling. Rachel put her hand on Bucky’s back. As Steve took a step toward him, Bucky met him and they shook hands. When the men moved into a bear hug, you and Rachel lost it, completely.
“You’re oka
:iconsscejm4a:sscejm4A 42 61
Small Town Mystery [Steve Rogers x Reader] Part 10
As soon as you left, Rachel had directed Bucky to sit on the couch. She’d asked him a dozen times if he was sure, and after his multiple guarantees that he was indeed ready to see Steve again, they sat in silence for several minutes.
“I have so many questions,” he finally said.
She held on to his hand and nodded. “I know you do. I’m sorry I couldn't keep your secret…”
“Are you kidding? You gave me just what I needed…time. I've always known there would come a day when I’d be face-to-face with him again. I can’t run forever…you taught me that, too. There’s just so much that’s been left unsaid, all these years, and I have this idea in my head? You know, of how things will go? I guess, I just wonder if it will happen the way I picture it or not.”
“Well, we've talked through a lot over the past few weeks. Is there anything else you've recently been thinking about with him?”
:iconsscejm4a:sscejm4A 48 55
Small Town Mystery [Steve Rogers x Reader] Part 9
Rachel stepped around you. “What are you doing?” she asked him, standing protectively between the two of you.
“It’s okay, Rachel.” He touched her cheek.
You couldn't seem to stop gaping. Bucky Barnes - The Winter Soldier - metal arm and all was standing no more than three feet away from you. “How? What?” You swallowed. “Have you been hiding him this whole time? This. Whole. Time?!”
She spun on her heel. “Yes! And I will keep hiding him, as long as he needs to…” She lifted her chin in the air and placed her hands on her hips.
Your mind reeled, running like a movie projector through the last month. “Did you tell Henry to lie to us?”
“I bribed him to keep his mouth shut,” she admitted.
“And…it was you that stole Mr. Stinson’s tools and his…soldering iron?”
She crossed her arms. “I returned them. I wasn't going to keep them. B
:iconsscejm4a:sscejm4A 46 47
Small Town Mystery [Steve Rogers x Reader] Part 8
Rachel wiped sweat from her brow before continuing to clean out the barn. The farm was coming along just fine, as far as she was concerned. Bucky had worked over the last three weeks, cleaning up the field nearest the barn and house, tilling the soil, and reading every article and book Rachel could find for him about farming. When she finished sweeping, she walked out to the field to see if he was ready for lunch. She found him, sitting atop the tractor, smiling like a kid, with a piece of hay clamped between his teeth.
She pulled her floppy hat down to shield her eyes. “Oh, for heaven’s sake…are you modeling for Farmer’s Almanac or working this field?” she called out.
He leaped off the behemoth and jogged up to her, lifting her up in his arms. His hat fell off behind him, but he barely noticed. “Look at it! It’s done! It’s ready for planting!”
“Bucky!” she gasped, glancing all across the large field with its n
:iconsscejm4a:sscejm4A 47 52
Small Town Mystery [Steve Rogers x Reader] Part 7
You leaned forward, squinting at the screen, a frown forming on your lips.
“Is that supposed to be someone’s face?” Steve said, pointing at the screen.
“They must've been moving when I captured that screen shot.” You stared at the picture for a while, the distorted face frustrating you. “And there’s nothing else revealing here, either. It doesn't help that it’s black and white.” You glanced at Steve. “Doesn't surprise me, though. I’m more surprised we have a DVD instead of a VHS.” You smirked.
He glanced at you and chuckled. “I missed all of that…I went straight from gigantic cameras and rotary phones to small, slick, little pocket phones you carry around that have cameras built in them.” He shook his head.
You sat back for a second. “I hadn't thought about that. There’s so much I want to get to know about you…aside from the fact that…” your face turn
:iconsscejm4a:sscejm4A 45 48
Small Town Mystery [Steve Rogers x Reader] Part 6
Rachel rolled over, finding Bucky gone, and she was surprised that she didn't feel panicked, for a change. She knew he was there, somewhere. She got up and climbed in the shower, thinking through the first night, sharing a bed with Bucky.
He’d woken up a couple of times in the night, his nightmares shaking him. The first nightmare had him hovering over her, holding her against the bed as she pleaded with him to wake up. He was horrified, when he came out of it, but she’d talked him down, assuring him that she understood. His second nightmare, while not bringing a violent side, had actually scared her more.
Rachel furrowed her brow. She was being brought out of her sleep by a voice. She turned and her eyes popped open. Bucky was lying on his back, twitching and trembling. She scooted closer and listened.
“Please…not again, no…I can’t. I can’t take anymore. They were a family, children…I can’t shake the look on their faces! You
:iconsscejm4a:sscejm4A 46 22
Small Town Mystery [Steve Rogers x Reader] Part 5
After dinner, you moved into the living room, and Nathan found his box of toys. Steve waited until you sat, and then he sat next to you.
“Dinner was great,” he said, smiling.
“Thanks. I’m glad you could join us.” You turned a bit to face him and asked, “Could you finish your story from earlier? The one you were telling about Bucky…before Mr….” you gasped. “I totally forgot that he wanted to bring that video surveillance by.” You covered your mouth and laughed. “Oh, dear, he’ll be sore.”
He chuckled. “Do you think we have time to maybe run over to his place? We could pick it up. Making a ‘house call’ might soften him.”
“That’s a great idea. He lives on the other side of town, though. You sure you don’t mind?”
“Not at all. When’s Nathan’s bedtime?”
“Not for another hour. That’s more than enough time, as long as Mr. Stinson
:iconsscejm4a:sscejm4A 50 43
Small Town Mystery [Steve Rogers x Reader] Part 4
Bucky took her arm and led her over to his cot, moving the tools he’d been working on to the side. “Tell me what’s going on.” He could be gruff, but all Rachel noticed was his hand on her arm.
She wiped at her face, sniffling and retrieving a tissue from her pocket. She blew her nose, and tried to will the tears to stop. She finally figured out that if she’d just keep her focus on a plank of wood or piece of cloth – keep her eyes off his face – the sorrow she felt would calm; the tears would dry up; the trembling would slow.
She opened her mouth to speak, ready to tell him about seeing Steve in town, how she’d listened to him recount the story, and how he didn't seem upset with Bucky at all, but she was dry. It’s as if she cried out all the moisture from her body. Her lips were chapped, her throat like the desert.
“Rachel?” Bucky sighed.
She felt his arm around her, his metal arm. They forced you into it.
:iconsscejm4a:sscejm4A 55 75
Small Town Mystery [Steve Rogers x Reader] Part 3
You were in your office early the next morning, organizing your schedule. Steve was meeting you at 8:30, so you wanted to have a clear plan for the day. “Last thing I need to do is waste Captain America’s time.”
“Waste my time?” came a voice through the open window.
You turned and grinned at him. “You’re early…and sneaking up on me? That’s quite unfair, Captain Rogers.”
He smiled and held up a box. “I brought breakfast.”
You motioned to him. “Come on in!”
The bell chimed and you stood to meet him. He held up the box again. “Went to this little bakery down the street. You wouldn’t believe the doughnuts they have there!”
You smirked at him. “Joey knows what he’s doing, doesn't he?”
He gave a soft laugh and set the box down. “You live here. Not sure why I forgot that piece of information.”
“No worries, Steve.” You motioned at the
:iconsscejm4a:sscejm4A 56 35
Small Town Mystery [Steve Rogers x Reader] Part 2
“Did you want to go check on her?” Steve asked, watching as you kept glancing up at the door.
“Uh…no…no. Sorry. Please continue.” You folded your hands and leaned on them. “So he’s been hiding for a year, but you traced him to Wyoming?”
Steve took a sip of his beer. “Actually, my friend, Sam, was doing the primary searching. I had some business to take care of.”
You turned from cutting up Nathan’s hot dog. “Of course,” you gave a soft laugh, dropping your gaze before catching his eyes again. “I read about the...uh...Ultron thing.” You cleared your throat. “What makes you think he’s in Wyoming and especially here in this town?” You tapped your pencil on a notepad you’d pulled from your purse, when he first began telling you his story.
He tilted his head and you caught something in his eyes. He blinked and glanced away. “I think he’s been on a mi
:iconsscejm4a:sscejm4A 57 76
Small Town Mystery [Steve Rogers x Reader] Part 1
You sat at your desk with your feet propped up, wishing you’d splurged on an air conditioning window unit, instead of a few wonky fans. The small office you rented a few months ago came with one creaking ceiling fan and plenty of dust, but it was cheap and cheap was exactly what you could afford.
You stared through the blinds at the small town in Wyoming, your new home. It was just past eight in the morning, but the town had been bustling with activity since before dawn. Farming towns were funny like that. When you have to rise at four to milk your cows and tend fields, you’re well into running errands by eight.
It was the evenings when it got weird, for a city girl like you. By nightfall, the town was quiet and still. The first week after you’d opened your private investigating business, you’d stayed opened until nine o’clock, thinking that the sort of things people might want investigated in a small town, well, they might prefer to tell you under cover o
:iconsscejm4a:sscejm4A 89 77
Pushing Buttons [Chris Evans x Reader] 2/4
July 18, 2015 – New York City!!
Hi diary – another three days of life have passed. I went to two auditions, while in Cali. They seemed promising, but nothing to “write home about.”
I know I'm supposed to write everything down here, but you've become my what-the-hell-will-he-do-now goes:
As you can see…I’m back in New York. ha & yay! I got back last night. My fridge was empty, though, so I had to go to the grocery store and stock up.
I was loaded down with bags of food, when I stumbled back into my apartment building earlier this afternoon, but I had my keys ready, at least. I started toward the elevator, when the following conversation happened…and yes, sarcasm is involved:
“Miss [Last Name]?” my landlord called out.
I turned, almost losing a bag. “Yeah?”
“You got some flowers here.”
“Oh, okay…I’ll be back down in a minute to get them.”
“Couldn’t you just
:iconsscejm4a:sscejm4A 58 54
Pushing Buttons [Chris Evans x - Reader] Pt 1/4
You sat in your most comfortable chair, full and happy from dinner. You opened up your brand new, leather bound book and held a pen in your hand, tapping it against your chin. You closed your eyes, thinking for a moment before staring down at the blank page. You grinned and began to write:
July 11, 2015 – Los Angeles, California
Do people still keep diaries? I’m 28-years old…have I outgrown this? I mean, there’s Bridget Jones’ Diary, right? She was in her 30s. I haven’t tried this since my high school years, but my therapist recommended it, so here I am.
Helloooo diary…
So I guess I should just write about what happened today? How about I start from the moment I stepped up to the elevators at the studio? I pushed the button and waited for a while, arms crossed, my foot tapping to the symphony in my head. Yep…I have a radio station dial in my brain. I change the station often.
Oh, wait…parking. I’ve got to talk ab
:iconsscejm4a:sscejm4A 89 71
Worth Fighting For [WS/Bucky x Reader] Part 27
From Chapter 26:
The list:
Iron Man and Hulk against Mr. Sinister.
Spiderman and Quicksilver against Carnage.
Cap and Cyclops against Lizard.
Thor and Storm against Loki.
Wolverine and Ant-Man against Viper.
Kitty Pryde and Black Widow against Moonstone, once Widow is done with the agents.
Winter Soldier and Colossus against Omega Red.
Beast and Falcon against Absorbing Man.
Iceman and Rogue against Pyro.
Scarlet Witch and War Machine against Vertigo.
Nightblaze joined by Magik against Madame Masque.
Black Panther and Phoenix against Kang.
Daredevil and Hawkeye against Bullseye.
And Vision all on his own against Electro.
The battle is intense from the get go. Black Widow and Magik manage to direct all the HYDRA agents in their direction with a false orb. “They’re too easy,” Widow mutters, as they follow them into a blown-out building.
“Why aren
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Rhysand smirked at me and shook his head, “Delightful as always, I see.”

I shrugged. “I’m nothing if not consistent.”

“Indeed.” He raised his eyebrows and turned to Mor, “So my third in command is not good enough for you?”


“Well, you asked for me, and here I am.” He held his arms out and then clasped them behind his back. “What can I do for you, Nesta?”

I stepped forward and copied his posture. My eyes fell on some of the paintings scattered around the cabin. “You can start by telling me where my sister is.”

“She’s about ten feet to your right,” he smirked again. I wanted to thump him.

“Hilarious,” I groaned, as Elain hovered in the corner of my vision, sipping cocoa at the kitchen table. “You know which sister I mean.”

His infuriating expression morphed into blankness. “I’m…afraid I can’t tell you that.” He gulped and glanced at Mor for a split second, probably hoping that I’d missed it, but I latched on to that tell-tale sign.

“Where is she?”

“She’s all right,” Mor smiled, holding her hands up as if trying to fire out some calming spells. “She’s absolutely fine.”

I ignored her. “I lost my sister once, Rhysand, I won’t stand for it again. Tell me where she is.”

“I cannot divulge that information, Nesta. I’m sorry.” I knew those last two words were meant to be a full stop on the end of the conversation. He gave me a look that said ‘drop it’, but it just made me more determined.

“The last thing I remember was hearing her tell that lion-man that you’d tricked her, had her under some horrible spell, and that she wanted him to take her home. Are you going to let me believe that everything she said there was true?”

He shifted his weight uncomfortably but said nothing.

I glared at him, frankly shocked by his silence. “You’re honestly going to let me…and Elain, believe that, despite everything we saw between you two when you visited our home, it was all lies?” He fought to keep his composure. I was done with tip-toeing around the issue, and huffed, “She’s with him, isn’t she? The beast?”

His eyes flickered.

“Is that where she wants to be, Rhysand?”

He pulled his shoulders back and fixed his focus on me. “Stop asking questions about Feyre.”

“Oh, so you remember her name, at least,” I pouted, “I guess we should be grateful for small mercies.”

He sighed.

Mor held back a chuckle.

I felt my next words catch in my throat, “Are we ever going to see her again?”

“Of course,” he whispered. I could have sworn I felt the cabin walls creak with sympathy. “When it’s safe to do so, you will see her, talk to her…you will be reunited with your sister, I promise.” He rolled his lips, silently pleading with me to acknowledge this good news. I simply nodded. “And his name is Tamlin.”

“Pardon?” I asked, raising an eyebrow.


“Oh, I know his name,” I frowned, before a smile curled my lips, “I just wanted to hear you say it.”

He wrinkled his nose. Was that a hint of approval of my sneaky tactics?

“Any news on Lucien?” Elain chipped in, lifting her hand like an eager school girl. I rolled my eyes.

Rhysand turned to her, his demeanour immediately more courteous. “Nothing specific, but he is with Feyre, so they will look after each other, I’m sure.”

“Do you honestly believe that?” I asked, moving to stand behind Elain to hijack his attention. My voice was starting to annoy me, so goodness knows how much it must’ve been grating on everyone else. “He hasn’t been any kind of friend to her recently, what makes you think he’ll look after her now?”

He held his hands up in my little sister’s direction and smiled softly, calming her down. I could see why Feyre loved him; he had an enchanting air of mystery, and a face of pure dark beauty. “Well, first of all, she’s more likely to look after him. And secondly, he will help because she is the sister of his mate. He is bonded to your family, now, no matter what, and believe me, that makes a male act very differently.” He forced down a lump that was suddenly lodged in his throat, “And…and I saw a lot of good in Lucien when we were Un…Under the Mountain. He cares deeply for her, of that I’m certain.”

Elain grasped my hand that now dropped onto her shoulder, and looked up at me. “I believe him,” she whispered.

I stared down at her, my face etched in stone. I didn’t move a muscle, except to raise my eyes back to him. “Fine. I’ll accept your word on that.”

His shoulders relaxed and I could’ve sworn I saw a bead of sweat run down his sculpted temple.

I was shocked by how on-edge I could make the High Lord of the Night Court feel. Wasn’t this the male they claimed to be the most powerful High Lord who ever lived? He was practically quivering in my presence. It’s not you, Nesta, it’s because his mate is in enemy territory. He’s probably scared. I swallowed my pride and spoke softly, thoughtfully, “How are you, Rhys?”

Elain nearly fell off her chair, and Mor’s head snapped back to look at her High Lord.

“I…erm, I’m all right. Coping. Thank you for asking.”

I nodded in acknowledgement. “You took some heavy hits in that castle -”

He laughed under his breath, “If you’re enquiring about Cass -”

“I wasn’t!” I snapped. He grinned. “I was enquiring about your health, and that of all the other members of the Night Court. Nobody else in particular.” I looked at Mor and petulantly asked, “How is Azriel?”

“He’s getting better,” she replied, chewing on her bottom lip and pretending that I wasn’t asking just to piss off Rhysand. “Taking it steady, but he’ll be fighting fit again in no time.”

Rhysand rolled his lips and began to slink forwards. I felt Elain’s shoulders tense up. “Y’know, he’s been asking after you.”

“Has he, now?” I stood a little taller and lifted my chin in the air, knowing full well who he was talking about. “And did you tell him the truth? How you dumped us here on this damned mountain and left us, with no one around to show us how to live in these new bodies?” I lifted my hands up and studied my palms. My fingers were longer, slenderer. “No help or guidance on what we can do…or what we can’t do.”

He frowned. “Such as?”

“Can we die?”

“Not easily.”

“Can we…fly?”

“Not that I’m aware of.”

“Can we get out of this place?”

“When the time is right, yes.”

“Can I see Cassian?” My eyes nearly popped out of my head and my face turned a delightful shade of red. Damn him.

Rhysand grinned like a Cheshire cat and turned to his third in command. I wanted to curl up into a ball and disappear, or perhaps curl my new Fae hand into a fist and wallop him with it. “It seems the time is right,” he said to Mor, before returning to look at me and my sister. “Very well, let us make the necessary arrangements, and then you can join us at the House of Wind.”

Elain spluttered her cocoa and laughed as she slammed her mug down, “The House of…Wind? Who on earth named it that?

I chuckled under my breath as my cheeks returned to their normal colour. I was enjoying my sister poking fun at this high and mighty male.

He shrugged and looked at us both with an infuriatingly disinterested face. “Who knows, but unless you’d prefer to stay here in this cosy mountain hideaway by yourselves for the foreseeable future, I’d suggest you not make fun at our expense?”

Elain clamped her mouth shut. I just glared at him.

He sucked in air through his teeth and I could’ve sworn I saw the dark outlines of his wings. He was demonstrating his power, I knew he was, letting us know our place within his Court. At the bottom. I didn’t argue, but simply softened my features into a kind of half-smile and looked at him, then Mor.

She clapped her hands together and grinned, “Good, I’m glad that’s settled. Staying with us makes the most sense anyway, if we’re to teach you how to be…well, Fae, I suppose.”

I gave a sharp nod and turned towards the kitchen sink, wrapping my hands around the edge of the counter top as I looked out of the window. The mountains were covered in a fresh layer of snow, which seemed unnaturally bright white against the cloudless blue sky. “How much longer do we wait?”

“We’ll be back by the end of the day,” Rhysand said, “Let you make your dramatic entrance under a veil of stars.”

“Sounds wonderful,” Elain beamed just as I turned and opened my mouth to offer a sarcastic comment. She grabbed Lucien’s jacket from the back of another dining chair and hugged it close. “See you tonight.”


I found myself standing beside the fireplace, waiting for the day to turn into the evening and finally night so we could get out of this place. I had nothing to pack, nothing to gather up…no trinkets or tokens of anybody’s affection. Nothing. All I had was myself, the clothes on my back, and Elain. Dear, sweet Elain. For a brief moment I wondered if her naïve view of the world…of men, had rubbed off on me, causing me to care about someone who was probably just trying to score points with his friends. I shook my head. He’s not like that, Nesta, and you know it.

“Do I?” I said aloud.

The logs on the fire crackled and shifted, sending delicate sparks of ash and ember floating upwards, riding on the air that twisted and swirled up the chimney into the cold evening air. I felt a shadow of warmth come over me, stalking towards me. The faint outline of wings, of shoulder length hair and that cursed smile.

“Who hurt you?”

He did care. Dammit, why did he have to care? It was so much easier when I could tease him and talk down to him as I stared up at those intense hazel eyes. But I could feel him in front of me right now. I could feel the warmth of his chest as he tried desperately to contain the fire that was pressing to get out, demanding it. The fire that would, without question, have been unleashed on Tomas Mandray, for what he’d tried to do to me.

A part of me that was unnervingly close to the surface wished I’d let him do it, but I’d been too swept up in the presence of that Illyrian warrior…that tall, supremely handsome male with a body covered in tattoos. I’d fooled myself into thinking a kiss would be enough, and that once he had that, once he’d born witness to that part of me, he’d leave me alone.

I couldn’t do it though, so I’d let his breath caress my skin instead. I’d let his lips fall against my neck. I’d offered myself to him, by not offering myself to him.

Oh, Nesta, what are you talking about?

“Heaven knows,” I scoffed, watching the flames of amber and gold dance in the fireplace. I crouched down and threw another log on top of the blackened pile. “It probably meant nothing to him.” I shook my head, and rose to my feet. I suddenly felt the stroke of his thumb against the back of my hand. “Or maybe it did.”

Rhysand and Mor returned a couple of hours later, knocking on the door as if we owned the place, and greeting us with warm smiles in the freezing cold night air.

“Ladies,” he said as he stepped inside, rubbing his hands together to stir some heat from the depths of his body, “Ready to go?”

Elain and I stared at each other. The cabin had given us long cloaks that skimmed the wooden floor; Elain’s a dusty pink with embroidered flowers on the collar, and mine; a deep burgundy red, with small red gemstones stitched into it at regular intervals.  

“I guess so,” I shrugged, and he bowed his head.

“Very well. Elain, you will go with Mor, out of the cabin and beyond the ward. From there, she will winnow you to the House. Nesta,” he said, looking at me, “You and I will follow.”


Elain hugged Lucien’s jacket like her life depended on it, but looked radiant as she stepped out of the cabin ahead of me. I felt a little overdressed and stuffy in my cloak, but when I followed her out into the night, I had a sudden appreciation for it. The wind was brutal, whipping my hair up into a spiral before dropping it in a mess around my face. I glanced at Elain, and noticed that she had fixed her hair in a braid. Why didn’t I think of that?

I wanted to look back at the cabin, at my home for the past however many days, give it a proper goodbye, but I had kicked up such a fuss about being left there, I couldn’t face it. Something deep in the pit of my stomach told me I would wish to return to this solitude one day, however. I dreaded it.

“Shall we?” Rhysand said, extending his hand to me.

I pulled a face.

He withdrew his hand. “Morrigan!” he shouted through the blizzard, and trudged through the deep snow after her.

She was a good thirty feet ahead of us, Elain’s hand in hers, but she turned around and scowled. “What, dear cousin?”

“Change of plan. It seems Nesta would prefer to travel with you, or…maybe throw me off this mountain, I’m not sure which.” He turned and looked at me, being smothered by my own windswept hair, “Maybe both? Either way, I will take Elain and you ta -”

Oh for goodness sake!” I huffed, and grabbed his hand.

Just like that, we were gone.

The cold, unforgiving wind and snow ceased chilling my bones, to be replaced by a warm, gentle breeze that swept me up and gently lowered my feet to the ground as we arrived at the House of Wind. That veil of stars really did make for a memorable entrance. It was…simply enchanting.

“Thank you,” I whispered to Rhysand, who slowly released my hand and took a step back, his head bowed. I expected to hear Mor and Elain come up beside us, but they were nowhere to be found as we stood on a wide stone balcony, by a wall of open glass doors. “Where are they?”

He flicked his head backwards and spoke softly, “They landed further down. I thought you might like some privacy -”

I gasped, my eyes wide. Deep blue swathes of organza billowed from the open doors to my right, and I took in a breath of air through my nostrils, “No, no, Rhysand, I can’t…I don’t -”

“Hey, hey, hey.” He held his hands out in protest and glanced across at the room beyond, bathed in darkness, save for a column of moonlight that cut across the floor. “I told you he’s been asking for you, Nesta, I wasn’t kidding about that, but it’s all right. Please…” He dropped his head, then looked at me, pleading, “Just see him.”

Just wanted to apologise for not responding to any feedback recently; I've been swamped under with work, life, and everything in-between. I promise to get back to you all as soon as I possibly can, and I want you to know that I value your feedback on my stories SOOOO much, it makes my life. Love and hugs to you all! xoxoxo
After the traumatic events in Hybern, Nesta Archeron finds herself stranded in the mountain cabin with Elain. Now High Fae, and desperate to get some answers, she demands the attention of the Inner Circle. This story is told from her point of view.

That cabin. That damned, insufferable, perfect little cabin.

Mor had brought myself and Elain here in the aftermath of our making, told us that we’d be safe and that, if we needed anything, the cabin would take care of the rest. That was it. She’d offered us the briefest of smiles and turned on her heels, rushing out of the door and yelling back that she’d see us again in a day or two.

And now, six days had passed, or, at least I think it was six days. I’d tried to keep track of the number of sunsets since we’d arrived, but I wouldn’t have been surprised if this place had tricked us. Seemed just like the kind of thing those Fae might do. A joke, at our expense. Or, my expense, since Elain had hardly done anything, said anything in all this time. She sat most days on her bed, wrapped up in that redhead’s jacket, sniffing the collar in hopes of determining his scent. His. Scent. Honestly, I rolled my eyes so hard at the thought that I nearly blinded myself. She claimed she could smell pumpkin and crisp autumn air. All I could smell was crazy.

So I left her, sitting on one of the twin beds in the second bedroom, staring out of the window at the snow covered mountains, and returned to the living room. The cosy furniture, the roaring fire…it all irked me. I wanted to rip it to pieces with my newfound strength. In fact, the way I was feeling, I was in a good mind to tear the entire cabin piece by piece, until all that remained were the tiniest of splinters. I felt like I could run outside and scream, opening my lungs to take a deep, hearty breath with my new and improved body, and blow the place away. That’d show them.

I hated myself for it. These people, these friends of my little sister, they had taken us away from that cauldron, from that king…they were keeping us safe. I ran my fingers through my hair as I sighed, and shuddered as they brushed against my ears. My…High Fae gently pointed ears. I had been made. Elain had been made. I hadn’t been able to protect her. I hadn’t been able to protect either of my sisters, now. I was as bad as my father.

I shed a tear, one stubborn, painful tear, thinking back to the days when I would sit around, waiting for him to get himself out of that chair and go make some money. Feed his children. He never did, so I never did. Feyre. The baby of the family. She did. I shook my head.

Selfish, selfish, selfish.

I grabbed a broom handle and pounded it against the walls and the furniture. Nothing happened. Someone must have been able to hear me, surely? I dropped the broom and leapt onto an overstuffed chair.

“Is anybody there? Can anybody hear me?” I yelled towards the ceiling, my hands now curled into fists and thumping against the tops of my legs, “Mor? Hello? It’s been a lot longer than two days!” I waited for a response, and glanced over at Elain, who had climbed off the bed and now stood motionless in the doorway, still clutching that damned jacket.

“Maybe she’s busy?” she offered, with a shrug of those fine-boned shoulders.

“Or maybe she’s ignoring us,” I snapped, entirely too aggressively for such a simple question, “Maybe they’re intending on leaving us here for a few months…or even a year-”

“Oh, Nesta…”

“Nesta, what?” 

She sighed. My sister was tired of me. I was tired of me, of my voice and my attitude. “We’re safe, that’s all that’s important right no-”

“No, it’s not!! There are…other things that are important.”

Elain pushed herself away from the doorway and took a step towards me, her usually serene face lined with weariness. “Such as…?”

I felt my cheeks flush. That hadn’t happened before. She caught sight of them for a brief moment before I got myself under control and felt the pink drain out of my face again, then opened my mouth to speak. 

There was a knock at the door.

I spun around, grateful for the interruption, and jumped off the chair and ran to it, yanking the heavy door open in one swift motion.

“Hello,” Mor yelled over the blizzard outside. She was rocking back and forth on her heels, her arms wrapped tightly around herself, her blonde hair falling perfectly on either side of her face. “Sorry it’s taken me so long to come back, things have been…erm, hectic.” She shivered in the biting snow and smiled again, “May I come in?”

“Oh, ye…yes, of course,” I mumbled, stepping out of her way. 

She stomped over the threshold, brushing powdery snow off the shoulders of her thick red woollen coat, and headed straight into the living room. “Hmm, that fires looking a bit lacklustre,” she frowned, and within moments, it roared into vibrant life. That made me feel even worse. I couldn’t even keep a fire going without Feyre’s help. She unbuttoned and shed the coat with such speed, such effortless grace that I was momentarily taken aback. “So, how are you both doing?”

“Well we-”

“We’re angry, Mor,” I growled, interrupting Elain’s no-doubt more tactful response. “You dumped us here, days and days ago, and since then we’ve heard nothing! Not a peep, not from you, from Feyre…even Rhysand.”

“I know,” the blonde replied, sweeping into the kitchen area and snatching up the instantly whistling kettle from the stove. “We’ve had a lot of things to take care of, and-”

“That’s not good enough! Look at us! We needed help, not abandonment!”

Mor poured hot water into three mugs that simply appeared by her side, then replaced the kettle and held up her hands, “I’m sorry, Nesta, but after what happened with the King of-”

“Fuck the king!" 

Nesta!“ Elain gasped, her hand slamming against her chest. 

"Yeah, you…erm…wouldn’t want to do that,” Mor said, giggling awkwardly. A desperate attempt to thaw the icy atmosphere that I had created. She watched as I leaned back against one of the cabinets and dropped my head, then she moved to stand opposite me. 

I stared for a long time at her chunky snow boots; white calf suede with thick brown laces, and a cosy fur trim. I liked them a lot. “We’re trapped, Morrigan. We both went through an awful, horrible experience and you just left us here. And now…you’re not telling us anything at all.” I lifted my gaze to meet hers and sighed, “I’m crawling the walls, whilst my dear sister…” I threw a glance at Elain, still hovering on the edge of the room, “pines for that High Fae wimp.”

“He is not a wimp!” Elain sniped, and rushed over to us, dropping the jacket on the countertop. “Have you heard from him? Is he all right?” she asked. I could feel the desperation in her voice.

Mor shook her head, glumly, and then turned back to me. “Shall I see if I can find out a few things for you? Would that help?”

“Yes, please,” Elain smiled, “We’d appreciate that.”

“No, actually,” I said, pulling my chin up and my shoulders back, “I’ve had enough of this. I want to speak directly to Rhysand.”

“Oh, right…” Mor looked hurt, like I’d dismissed her. Good. “If that’s what you’d prefer, I’ll…let him know you wish to deal with him.” She scrambled her things together, made sure that the steaming mugs of water were now aromatic tea, and hurried off.

“Mor,” Elain said, her voice softly pleading, as she followed the blonde High Fae to the door. “We’re both very grateful for what you’ve done for us…for all of the Night Court have done, but Nesta-”

“Nesta doesn’t want third in command,” Mor shrugged, “She wants to deal with the High Lord himself, and I can’t blame her.” She offered Elain a sweet smile and squeezed her hand. “I’ll fetch Rhys as soon as possible.”

“Thank you.”

I heard the whistling wind as she opened the door. And with that, she was gone.

Elain stomped over to me, scooped up Lucien’s jacket, collected her mug of tea, and disappeared back into the bedroom. The slamming door made the whole cabin shudder, and a part of me almost wished it’d caused an avalanche to bury me under, but alas, the cabin remained standing.

Three more days passed, without so much as a word from anyone. I had begun to feel like I was being punished for my attitude towards Mor. I didn’t think she was the type to take things personally, but stranger things have happened…like me becoming one of them.

I couldn’t sleep.

Every time I closed my eyes I saw that room, that cauldron. I saw the plain face of the King who used me and my sweet sister to demonstrate the cauldron’s power to those mortal queens. Those vile, narcissistic queens who made a deal with the devil himself, all for the sake of living forever. The thought made me want to throw up.

Closing my eyes to the night allowed all of the sounds of screaming and pleading to leak out, and devour me, all over again, just like that cauldron’s liquid had. It had seeped into my entire being, suffocating and consuming me, before it spat out this Fae shadow I saw before me in the mirror. I could hear Feyre, strong as always, trying to protect me, trying to protect Elain. And Cassian… Wake up, wake up, wake up.

So I did.

I glanced across at Elain, sleeping peacefully in the bed next to me. I envied her. I knew she was probably dreaming about the redhead, the High Fae male who she’d known for all of twenty seconds, but had shown her more kindness than any human man had done before. I wished my dreams had been filled with wonder and declarations of love, instead of the declaration of vengeance I had aimed to the king. I wondered if I had recited the words aloud in my sleep, but Elain never said anything.

I sighed and threw the warm, soft covers back, exposing my bare legs to the cold mountain air before wrapping a towelling robe around myself. With every step my bare feet took on the wooden floor, the cabin seemed to thaw a little, so that by the time I’d slipped out of the bedroom and reached the living area, I was toasty warm.

I yanked the sash and began to let the robe fall from my bare shoulders when a deep, sensuous voice drifted towards me from behind.

“I wondered when I’d get to see the full show.”

I gasped and spun around, clutching my robe. I was surprised to note my eye sight was sharp as a tack in the darkness. “Ca…Cassian?”

He chuckled under his breath, and I could’ve sworn he seeped into the night and disappeared. “Did you miss me?” he purred.

I pulled my shoulders back and let go of the robe, allowing it to open as much as it wanted. My nightdress was short, revealing. This’ll show him, knock him off his pedestal.

“I take that as a yes,” he smiled, appearing before me, a little closer, before vanishing into thin air once more.

“Will you please stand still, Cassian!” I said in an angry whisper. He chuckled again. Prick.

“Does…” he appeared again, splayed out on the kitchen table, “…this…” Now sat on the sofa, “…upset you?” He was behind me, near the bedroom doors.

I spun around and raised a finger of silent warning.

“Or…does it…unnerve you?” Now he stood to my left, his body achingly close as he looked down on me, probably right down my nightdress, in fact. Bastard. His voice was like pure honey, and he knew it. I loathed him.

“No,” I said slowly, turning to face him, my eyes locking on to his. “It just pisses me off.” I poked him in the chest with my index finger and he took a few steps back, opening those incredible wings of pure darkness. Wings.

“Hang on…” I shook my head, gaping at this beautiful man and his perfect wings. “Your…wings…they were…”

He didn’t say a word, only marched back towards me with sheer animal intent in those hazel eyes, ran his long fingers up my neck and into my hair and pulled me into a kiss. The greatest, most passionate kiss I had ever had. A wonderful, glorious kiss…the best kiss anyone would probably ever have…

“Nesta! Nes-ta!” Elain said, shaking me.

I awoke and immediately sat up in my bed. A dream. Thank goodness. Just a dream. I shook my head. “Wh..what time is it?”

“It doesn’t matter what time it is,” she said, releasing a sigh, “We have a visitor.” With that, she spun on her heels and disappeared out the door.

I could hear muted conversation as I climbed out of bed, Mor? Had she forgiven my bluntness and returned? I quickly dressed in what can only be described as skimpy silk pyjamas, and arranged my hair in a messy bun as I left the bedroom. Mor was indeed back, her beautiful flowing blonde hair shinier than ever in the early morning sun, but she wasn’t the focus of my attention. There, now risen from an overstuffed chair beside her, was the High Lord of the Night Court. Rhysand.

“Hello, Nesta,” he smiled.

“About time,” I replied.

Broken Hearts and Mended Wings - Nesta x Cas Pt.1
A month or two ago, a good friend gave me a couple of books and told me to read She was quite insistent, saying I would love them. She was not wrong! A Court of Thorns and Roses, and it's follow up, A Court of Mist and Fury, have taken over my life. I am obsessed, and cannot recommend them highly enough!

So, anyway, I have jumped aboard the Nessian (Nesta x Cassian) ship, and hoisted my flag with gusto, and this story is my version of the events that follow for them, at the end of ACOMAF. I hope you like where I'm going with the story, and if you do, please let me know in the comments, I very much appreciate the feedback. This is my first time writing literary fan fiction, and my first POV story, so I'm particularly nervous about it. I originally posted this on my Sarah J. Maas sideblog on Tumblr (@feyre-archerons-scrapbook), but thought I would post it here as well.

Thank you for reading! More chapters to follow very soon!


Just wanted to wish all my followers and readers a very merry Christmas!

This year has seen me write my first action/drama series, and I've been overwhelmed by the support and encouragement I've had from you all, I am truly grateful.

Have a fantastic day, and I promise I will reply to all comments before the end of the year (I've been unwell for the last two weeks). I might even get Chapter 18 of Hazy Shade written and posted, too! Keep on eye out :)
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I'm pretty new to fan fiction, having had many, many ideas rolling around in my head for the past 27 years, but never having written any of them down. At the beginning of the year, with some major encouragement from a dear, dear friend, I started getting some of these ideas written down. This dA page is the result. I hope you enjoy my fan fiction and art. Any questions, drop me message.

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Llama Emoji-17 (Sweating) [V1] .........Llama Emoji-21 (Speechless) [V1] OMG...OMG...OMGOMGOMG Llama Emoji-02 (Blush) [V1] I basically stared at the notification for a full minute before I realized that you added something I made to your favorites.

Thank you!!! I hope that means that you liked it. LOL! Racing Girl Emoji (Heart shot wink) [V3]  But seriously: Bunny Emoji-87 (Thanks) [V5] Hamtaro Hamster Emoji-07 (Cute Dance) [V1] Neko Girl-13 (Fangirling Sparkles) [V1] Bunny Emoji-66 (Thank you arigatou) [V3]  
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